Indian Head School of Dance

Excellence in dance.

Shoe Requirements: Each class will have specific shoes that will be needed in each form of dance. The brand and color of shoes all must be the same. Proper fitting shoes are extremely important to your child's comfort while concentrating on their dance classes. If you have any questions about shoe inquiries please direct them to your child's instructor.

Grooming: This is an important aspect of dance. Hair must be up in a ponytail or bun and off the neck for all classes. Please ensure that this is done before class.


Ballet - Mondor or Danskin "Ballerina Pink"

Tap, Jazz and Lyrical - Mondor or Danskin "Suntan" (Versatile foot is optional) 

Acro - Mondor or Danskin "Capri Suntan"

Proper Dance Clothing: A bodysuit and tights are mandatory to be worn by all female dancers to all classes. Male students may wear a shirt and shorts. We ask that students do not wear costumes from previous years to class as this is a distraction. Older students may wear tight fitting dance shorts over their bodysuit. In chilly weather a sweater or hoodie may be worn for the beginning of class. Please follow these requirements so to allow your child to understand the importance of being properly prepared for their class. Dress code requirements are chosen for instructional and safety reasons. Generally, clothing is form fitting so that the instructor can see the student's placement of posture and movements. All removable jewelry should be removed before class.