Indian Head School of Dance

Excellence in dance.

Lauren Weighill, Instructor

Lauren Weighill started dancing in 1970 in Montreal at the age of three. From Montreal she went to Moose Jaw and studied many forms of dance such as ballet, tap, jazz, lyrical, pointe, ukranian, highland and baton. During this time she attended many workshops and summer schools across Canada including the Saskatchewan Summer School of the Arts, Alma College in St. Thomas Ontario, Mosaic Moose Jaw, International Folk Festival in Ottawa and Folkarama in Winnipeg. In 1980 to 1983 she was accepted by Maki Kamyata and Nicholas Helferink into the International Ballet School in Ottawa. As well at this time she auditioned and was selected to dance under Kim Schmidt from Toronto. While in Winnipeg in 1983, Lauren was invited by the Romanian Ballet to be an exchange student in Bucharest. By 1984 Lauren had achieved the Advanced levels in RAD, CDTA and Adapt exams. Throughout her career she had competed extensively in countless competitions and all forms of dance winning several awards and scholarships. Lauren has taught dance for the past 20 years and is currently the instructor and director Indian Head School of Dance.