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Message from Lauren

 January 12/16

It was great to be back to classes last week and I am thrilled to have so many enthusiastic students many who had practiced over the holidays.
With competitions coming up its time to complete all dance routines.

Attendance - Please remember the importance of your child attending classes. Each week new choreography and technique is taught and added to group dances. When students are absent from classes it results in a delay in the completion of dances as choreography has to be re-taught to students who have missed. 
Shoes - Please check to see that your child's dance shoes fit. Kids have a habit of growing and a few have out grown their shoes over the little girl was insistent that she had someones shoes, but they were hers! lol 
Costumes - Almost all costumes have arrived and we will be having costume distribution night soon. On this night parents are asked to come for the last 15 minutes to try costumes on over dance clothes and we discuss hair requirements, tights and make up requirements for stage. To avoid dressing room conflicts it is very important that students wear their hair in the style that is stated by myself. 
I will be booking class pictures soon.
As soon as the final drafts of competition schedules are emailed to me I will send out the day, session times and details of when each dance to be performed. As of last week I had completed and sent away all entries for both Weyburn and Regina competitions although they aren't due until Jan. 15th and Jan. 31st. Competition schedules usually aren't finalized until the end of Feb/beginning of Mar. If your child is attending competitions and you are wanting to book a hotel, you should do so immediately. You can always cancel your booking once you know when your child is performing. It may seem that it is short notice that is given and I understand that some parents need to know for work schedules but as soon as I know the schedule I will send it out.
If you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask me.
Thank you so much!

Message from Lauren

October 17/2015 - IH Dance post

To celebrate Halloween students are welcome to wear a costumes to classes on October 29th & 30th!

Message from Lauren

October 17/2015 - IH Dance post to IHSDP

Parents please note. Anyone who was not given a form last week by me (Lauren Weighill) is not eligible to do a private lesson. If your child did not receive a form you do not have to fill one out. Not all students can do a solo, duo or trio. Because your child may not have received a form doesn't mean that I missed giving them one.

Message from Lauren

October 7/2015 - exerpt from October Newsletter

In the event that I have to cancel classes due to weather, illness or an emergency I will notify you as soon as possible. I will post it on my IHDance facebook page, contact Jenni to have it posted on the website and hopefully have a sign put up on the gym doors. For those of you who don't know, I live in Regina. If attempt to travel on the highway and the weather changes while I'm driving I cannot always notify you personally so please check the website. If time allows I try to make up classes. Fees paid for the season allow for this, I do not like to cancel classes but unfortunately sometimes it is unavoidable.