Indian Head School of Dance

Excellence in dance.

Competitions 2016/2017


 Who Participates?

 Indian Head School of Dance

April 21, 22 2018

 Indian Head - Indian Head High School,

811 Crawford Street

All Classes

 Dance Nation

April 5, 6, 7 and 8th 2018

 Regina - Riddle Theatre, University of Regina


Audience Etiquette

There will be no entry or exit during a performance, as soon as the bell is sounded the doors are to be closed. Respect this.

Disruptions during a performance may result in disqualifications.

Do not look for or move to your seat while performers are on stage.

Take the nearest seat if you are caught when the bell rings.

Do not leave your seat while performers are on the stage.

Be attentive: do not chat while performers are on the stage.

Do not save seats - a bathroom save is fine, saving for hours is not.

Keep your feet off of the seats.

Put your cell/smart phone away when possible – the light from the screen is distracting for the audience as well as performers.

Clap at the end of each performance – the performers worked hard and they deserve your recognition even if you didn’t love what they did.

Cheering for someone is great, but screaming is not cool.

Be nice: do not say nasty or critical things about performers while in the audience, plus you never know who is sitting beside you.

Listen for the announcement about (flash) photographs or video recordings of the performance – privacy and music/choreography copyright must be honoured and protected.

The most important thing to remember is that competitions, recitals and productions are celebrations of the performers’ achievements. They are on stage loving what they do and more than anything they want the audience to be attentive and loving what they see.

Our event is staffed with volunteers;

please help keep this event successful by respecting this guide

and our volunteers.