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Competition Details


Some parents have previously ordered tights through Lauren, so the shade names will be a little different - the ones they have ordered are the ones the students will wear for competition and recital. However, if the parents didn't order tights from Lauren and are purchasing them in Regina then these are the tights they will need. Either way is fine.

Ballet - Mondor or Danskin "Ballerina Pink"

Tap, Jazz and Lyrical - Mondor or Danskin "Suntan" (Versatile foot is optional) 

Acro - Mondor or Danskin "Capri Suntan"


MAKEUP is required for competitions, recital and photo night. This video is an example of the appropriate look for all female dancers. You do not need to buy the makeup that is demonstrated but it is suggested that you find suitable makeup to match your dancer's skin tone, and apply the makeup as demonstrated. It is important to practise before the event and make sure that you have everything that you need. HAIR requirement will be determined when costumes are distributed.

*here is the link to the make up demo video - this is a guide to help you