Indian Head School of Dance

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Our Commitment

 It is important for all current dancers and prospective dancers and their parents to understand what is involved in being a dancer in the Indian Head School of Dance.

Participation is a great deal of fun, but it requires a significant commitment to dance and a good deal of extra time and effort. Taking a dance class is the same as participating in any other extracurricular activity.  Being a dance student is like being on a select sports team, and requires a sincere commitment to the team. All students must maintain regular attendance in dance classes.

Both students and parents should decide if they have the time to commit to the Indian Head School of Dance.  No matter how talented a student is, if they don't have time to commit to dance, and if they don't have enough parental support, this sport may not be the right fit.

Students are placed in classes not according to age or grade in school but their level of dance. It is to the child's advantage and the class as a whole for each child to learn in a class in which they are challenged but not discouraged and struggling to keep up. Too often children miss the very important technical aspects of dance training when placed in a class that they are not suited to, which in turn results in a child not enjoying their class. As well, there are students who may be of a certain age (younger than the average of the majority of the class) but they accelerate, comprehend, and advance their own personal level to that of an older class. Therefore, each individual student will be placed in classes determined solely by the instructor, and this is subject to change at the instructor’s discretion.

In addition, participation and support are expected from students and parents; and is required throughout the year at classes, dance photo night, competitions and recital. Parents are needed to donate a few hours of their time during competition weekend, particularly as this is our one and only fundraising event. You will be notified in advance when you are scheduled to work and what your duty will be. If your child is participating this is not optional. If you are unable to attend you must find a suitable replacement and notify the volunteer coordinator in advance. Parents who are new to dance or perhaps new to the community will find that this is an excellent opportunity to build and foster friendships, new and old, while sharing our valuable time with the community, for our kids’ sake.

Finally, parents of prospective dancers should recognize that participation in dance at this level involves additional financial commitments.  Examples of costs other than registration are costumes, shoes, accessories as well as competition expenses and where travel is required.

Students and parents interested in joining the Indian Head School of Dance must also recognize the expectations related to attitude.  As members of our team, dancers and their parents are expected to support and encourage each other and to exhibit impeccable sportsmanship at all times.  Our students - without exception - are expected to treat each other, their teachers, parents, competition judges and fellow students from other studios with the highest level of respect.  Winning trophies and ribbons is nice, but representing ourselves with class and dignity is an absolute requirement.

Bottom line: Dancing as a part of a competitive group requires commitment, dedication, practice and a lot of work but the fun of competition and the experiences gained are well worth it. We have a wonderful dance school of dedicated and talented performers and an incredibly supportive community. Lets continue to work together to ensure a successful future.